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Content Writing and Editing

Our content writing services spans:

Website Contents- Your website is the face of your business. So it should be carefully planned and drafted to comprehend the objectives of your business very impressively. We help you to reach out to your customers through well crafted website content.
Blogs / Articles- In today’s digital world, blogs and articles are the best tools to keep your clients engaged, chanelise prospective leads, make your voice heard, and exhibit your values. We create blogs and articles that revolve around any topics as part of your online branding.
Features / Reporting- Publishers and editors of magazines, portals and tabloids can avail exclusive interviews with leading personalities, journalistic features and articles on various segments, through our experienced team of reporters in every state. We have close association with PR agencies in every metro which helps us to provide inputs as well as interviews from CEOs and Directors of several leading companies. We also provide hotel reviews, product reviews and event reporting.

Marketing Contents- Be it a flyer, a brochure content or a marketing collateral; the content have to be impressive and catchy. We have a team of copy writers who will help you in getting the right words to express your ideas in an impressive way

Press Releases- Start ups and SME owners need not spend their time drafting press releases. Also, it is an additional cost to the company if you appoint a content writer, as there will not be a regular requirement. You can rely on us to get well drafted press releases for online and print media within 24 hours.

News letters- The creative minds in V Create Media provide engaging contents for your newsletters. Be it an employee newsletter, club newsletter, alumni newsletters or marketing newsletter, you can save your time and money by outsourcing your requirements to us. Apart from newsletters, we also develop trade briefs.

White Papers- We help in drafting formal documents for your company through our professional and legal writers. It includes HR policies, legal documents, policy documents, presentations, annual reports, MoU, Terms and Conditions, IP Policies and more.

Research Papers and Dissertations- Students and research professionals can avail our services by getting well research academic essays, dissertations, research papers and thesis. Outsourcing dissertations and research papers to India is a cost effective options for international students. Our writers are well versed in different referencing styles - APA, MLA, Harvard and Chicago style.

Ghost Writing: Are you are an aspiring author, story teller or a subject matter expert who has a brilliant idea but lack apt words to materialize it? If so, we help you in penning down your ideas in a simple and appealing language. We can cover a wide range of topics.

Coffee Table Books- Coffee table books are a great way to build a brand. It will be treasured by the receiver, which means you will be remembered and valued forever. We help in getting unique and well researched contents, captions and photographs for coffee table books
Editing and Proofreading- Do you have heaps of contents for proof reading? Outsource all such time consuming requirement to us. We will take care of grammar, punctuation, spelling, indexing and structure to turn a raw text to a perfect piece of content.

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Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing services include:

SEO Articles- Search Engine Optimization is an important part of every business today, as your online presence has a great role in scaling up your business. We help you in this, by providing keyword rich articles which will help you in your SEO strategies.

SEO Strategies- Our experienced SEO professionals who have worked with several leading portals and e-commerce platforms help you in developing and redefining your complete online strategies for an enhanced page ranking and more search engine visibility. Our experts can help you with SEO Audits to assess the current errors and consider the current best practices for your website.
Content Marketing- Content marketing is a proven platform for generating good business. We help in getting your technical contents and articles publish in various niche magazines and portals through our wide networks and associates.
Social Media Management / Optimisation- Keep your brand ahead by engaging social media platforms. We help you to build an online branding and more reach to your customers and followers through regular updation and carefully planned optimization of your social media platforms.
Space Selling- Are you a website owner or a publisher looking out to monetize your platforms? We can assist you in space selling. Print ads, banner ads, link ads and affiliate marketing- we provide helping hands in all these.

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PR Services

Promote your brand, events and products in print and online media through customised PR activities. Outsourcing your PR requirements helps in cutting costs, as you need only to pay per activity and you can stop the service whenever you wish.

Expert PR hands in our team can provide apt solutions for your business, by choosing the right platforms after carefully analysing your target audience and publicity needs. You can choose a plan from us according to your budgets.

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Virtual Assistance
Website / Blog Management & Moderation- We understand that many portal / blog owners so not have the required resources to manage and update the site regularly. We manage your blog / website on your behalf, in the desired frequency – daily, weekly or monthly. We also act as a moderator for your sites by replying to comments, re directing relevant messages and removing spam.
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We don’t restrict our services here. We keep on updating, as new possibilities and options are getting explored…So stay in touch.

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